Study in Canada

More than 1,30,000 students go to Canada every year, and this figure is increasing incredibly. Non-Canadian students bring in different atmosphere and culture to the classrooms. Their vast knowledge and skills are most welcome in the schools and universities.
The administrative division regulates the schools and overall education in Canada. For more detail about specific country’s school education system where you want to go, it’s better to talk to the school authorities. Studying in the other country is a different feeling altogether and such an adventure at the same time. Read carefully about forms and documentation before applying for a foreign study to grab best opportunities. Take help from internet for other important documents.
Everyone who wanted to go to study in Canada, first, applicant needs an authorization and submit a written approval of the officer.  Before applying for Canada authorization:-
•    Must have valid passport
•    You should receive a letter acceptance from reputed educational institution
•    Have enough money supports you timely
•    Complete the whole application form and submit a fee.
Who needs approval for a study permit?
Not everyone needs approval for Canada study. If you have a temporary resident permit in Canada then you can easily study and enjoy their climate and environments.
They allow you an Authorization form issued by Canadian consulate officer after receiving your admittance card in Canada to take part of an academic, professional or other training courses at govt registered universities and colleges.
Who requires student authorization card?
If you are not of Canada and even don't have residential status in reputed Canada country then you must approve Canada student authorization.
Where you go for apply and fill all formalities?
Go to the nearest Canadian consultation office. You must obtain special permission to study in Canada before arriving in Canada. However, some persons have freedom may apply from within the same country :-
•    Dependants should be participated curricular activities like athletes, media representatives and assigned a personnel assignment in Canada.
•    Dependants should work with the Canadian government or work with federal-provincial agencies.
•    Dependants should have valid authorization whether you are student or employer.
A cost of an application?
Student application or authorization cost is CAN$125
Permission Validity
Student  authorization are valid till the completion program of study
What are the basic requirements for student authorization?
•    You must satisfy your officers and meet all requirements of Canadian high commission.
•    You should also let the officer know that you will be returning to your country after the completion of your course.
•    Must have enough money in your account to stay or even afford the Canadian lifestyle
•    Must have sufficient balance to pay your tuition fees.
•    Must have money for ongoing and returning policies.
•    You should have no criminal record and may require police clearance certificate.
•    Bring some additional documents if conserned department requires.
•    Pass your medical examination if necessary
•    pay your fees properly

This above paragraph explains how your application procedure works and even tells you what are the important things required for an applicant.

What is Exact and suitable time for Canada apply?

The time process and application to a study may be different or vary at different consult offices. you should apply as early as possible and allow the process to complete with at least 6 months in hand.
Note: Canadian universities and schools suggest to all applicants to apply for admission at least one year before.

What files and documents are necessary?

 You should provide following documents are:-
•    Proof of unconditional acceptance.
•    Confirmation of your acceptance and/or registration as a student
•    The duration of the academic program
•    The latest date you may register
•    The course of study
•    The duration of the course

Proof of Identity:-
•    A valid passport and other documents required that he/she eligible for reentering Canada and other countries like USA.
•    Two passport size photos for each family member ( name and dob of specific candidate should be written in the photos
Proof of your Financial Status:
•    Evidence required like your income and bank balance statements and are you eligible for Canada study ?
•    Bank statements of past four months
•    Proof your tuition and residential fees
•    Provide your documents like scholarship from funded education program
Within Canada country:-
You must provide proof from foreign control authority in your country. if additional documents are needed then support staff officer will inform you
Note: Kids who are under the age of 16 years and travelling alone to Canada then they must have information like name address and phone number.Iif the child is under the custody then proof of custody and other important documents might be requried. Travelling without parents requires a permission letter from parents.
Do I need required a interview session?
After examining your application, a consultation officer will decide if candidate need interview and if interview is necessary then relevant officer will inform of time and place.
Will I or my companions need a medical examination certificate?
In some cases, you may require or go through medical test. A relevant officer will decide you about this and send all the instructions. This process may add more additional months to your processing.
Can I work or continue my job in Canada?
You may continue to work in Canada in a specific condition like if you are studying in Canada or some other blood relations, It will difficult to search a job in Canada. You should enough balance in a bank while you are coming to Canada because expensive lifestyle and other high profile universities may require extra money. Work without authorization may hurt you, They may  be asked to leave Canada
How do I obtain an extension of my student authorization?
•    You may contact your nearest Canada consult department at least two months before expiry date.
•    Contact your Canada embassy and they will suggest you what documents you may necessary to enter Canada