Our Team



The Biggest factor and role play in any institution success is the hardworking team which is behind the Institutions. we have dedicated and strong team around the whole world and nation. we follow the organization rules regulations and 100% dedication clarity and honesty. All our team members are selection after round of interviews & written tests conducted with supervision. Final interview held with company directors and understand the strength of the employee. We have strong network around the globe carefully chosen associates in India & Asia countries which mean that we have potential to provide best IELTS coaching and services to students.

Milestone Education group has a dedication team of employees around the globe. we have a strong base in every market of IELTS. Our counselors and trainers are well trained and well focused to each and every category of students profile. They will guide and advice you How IELTS career is as equally important as your food to live.

Our core team of milestone education is always energetic and ready to move always whenever they need. Our team is blending with young experienced team members, so they will redefine strategies as well as efforts to achieve fruitful and desired results.